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VioNexus No Rinse Spray Antiseptic Handwash Bottles with No-Touch Dispenser

No-Touch Wall Mount Dispenser holds and dispenses from 1 liter bottle

Manual Pump Wall Mount Dispenser for VioNexus No Rinse Spray Antiseptic Handwash

Manual Wall Mount Dispenser can be activated with the wrist for proper hand hygiene

The No-Touch Dispenser allows for easily spraying the handwash on the fingertips, for proper protocol


VioNexus™ No Rinse Spray Antiseptic Handwash

Liquid Hand Sanitizer Features Persistent Activity

  • Kills germs and cleans skin without water or bacteria-harboring cloth towels
  • Contains 65% ethanol and 0.1% benzalkonium chloride for longer protection
  • Emollients help prevent dry, irritated skin and leave hands feeling soft
  • 1 liter bottle fits into either manual pump or No-Touch wall dispensers


Item Number Description Quantity
MVNR078802 2 oz pump bottle 48 ea/cs
MVNR078800 VioNexus No Rinse 1 liter bottle (includes 1 pump per 2 bottles) 2 btls + 1 pump/bx, 3 bx/cs
VNTD078810 No-Touch Dispenser for 1 liter pump bottles 1 ea/bx
VNTT078820 Tray for No-Touch Dispenser 1 ea/bx
VNMD078830 Manual Dispenser (wrist activated) for 1 liter pump bottles 1 ea/bx
VMDT078831 Tray for Manual Dispenser 1 ea/bx