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Shur-Flo Watering Valve

Lower Actuation Force
better for your small and infant animals

Actuation Force: 3 PSI 8 PSI
Shur-Flo 1-4 grams 5-8 grams
Edstrom A-160 3-8 grams 8-10 grams
SE L-2000 10-13 grams 10-13 grams






Shur-Flo Watering Valve

A Better Lab Animal Watering Valve

Better self-priming technology saves money and time

  • The only self-priming valve on the market
  • Patented valve saves money by eliminating the need for expensive charging stations
  • Saves money by reducing expensive technician labor to reset the valve

Better at watering all your animals on every rack

  • Lower actuation force than other valves allows for watering your smallest animals, including weanlings, which saves staff time
  • Handles varied water pressure, so the same system can be used for every animal on every rack

Better design for greather efficiency

  • Not affected by debris such as fur or bedding which can cause leak paths in other valves and result in system failure
  • Made of surgical grade stainless steel
  • Easy to install - interchangeable with your current hardware. Just unscrew your current valvue and replace with Shur-Flo
Item Number Description Quantity
LRAW381S25 Shur-Flo Watering Valve 1 ea/bx