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Small Entrance Disnfection Mat

Small mat is ideal for narrow entrances

Large Entrance Disinfection Mats

Large mat is designed for most entrances


Entrance Disinfection Mats

Disinfects Shoes and Boots of Entering Workers

  • Reusable mats are designed to be placed at entrances to disinfect shoes and boots of workers as they enter
  • Fill the mat with your liquid disinfectant (not included with mat). Bottom and sides of mat are non-permeable to contain the disinfectant.
  • Mat is deep enough to disinfect shoe bottoms, but shallow enough not to soak feet or damage shoe uppers
  • When filled, mats repel dirt and are effective for approximately one week
  • Mats must be used on a level surface
  • To reuse, rinse soil and disinfectant from mat in utility sink. Hang to drain overnight. Can be refilled with fresh disinfectant solution and reused the next day.
  • Constructed of tough poly mesh over an absorbent foam core
  • Small mat is designed for tighter entrances


Item Number Description Size Quantity
CDMS293818 Small Entrance Disinfection Mat 18”L x 18”W x 1”D - approx. 0.75 gal capacity 1 ea/cs
CDML293424 Large Entrance Disinfection Mat 34”L x 24”W x 1”D - approx. 2 gal capacity 1 ea/cs