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Econo Emergency Spill Kit is packaged in a clear zip bag for convenient storage

The Econo Emergency Spill Kit is packaged
in a clear zip bag for convenient storage.

Contents of the Econo Emergency Spill Kit

The Kit includes basic PPE, clean up and disposal supplies, and a hand hygiene product.


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Econo Emergency Spill Kit

Quick, Simple, Economical, OSHA-Compliant Kit for Clean Up of Biohazard Waste

Single-Use Kit Contains:

    - 1 pair Nitrile Non-Latex Gloves that resist chemicals and protect hands, preventing the spread of infection or disease
    - 1 Bio-Wipe Bag, an absorbent wipe and polyethylene plastic bag in one, with built-in interior ambidexterous mitt, to wipe up spills
    - 1 Two oz Cavicide Disinfectant Spray Bottle to kill viruses and
    decontaminate the spill area
    - 1 Heavy Duty Towelette to be used with Cavicide Disinfectant
    Spray to disinfect the surface
    Turn used Bio-Wipe Bag inside out and place the other used kit materials inside. Peel off the Bio-Wipe Bag’s adhesive strip and seal, then dispose of in a properly labeled biohazard container.
    - 1 Antimicrobial Hand Wipe for additional protection

With Instructions in English and Spanish, all in a convenient and easy to store clear zipper bag

Click here to view usage instructions video on YouTube


Item Number Description Quantity
KIT BMW Econo Emergency Spill Kit 1 kit/bag